Contributes to the society

At Carco we understand the future, and the need of sustainable solutions. At Carco, we aim to be at forefront of sustainability approach. 

Carco fully believes in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and as a way to contribute to the fulfillment of these goals, we have aligned our own sustainability goals towards the SDG’s, specifying relevant targets for our business. We believe it is a powerful tool for improvement, to use the SDG’s in setting our sustainability targets.

Carco SDG Matrix

The SDG matrix visualizes Carco’s sustainability targets and where we see that we can make an impact towards the UN goals. From 2020 we will prepare a yearly sustainability milestone review where our sustainability work is evaluated towards our missions and what we have achieved during the last twelve months. During Q4 2020 you will find the first review posted here.

You can find more information on the UN SDGs and milestones here (English) and here (Swedish).


It is an unavoidable part of our work to travel to our partners and OEM’s when needed. However, as the link between OEM’s and sub-suppliers, our traveling means substantially decreased travels for our partners. We are on site in Sweden to assist on a daily basis towards OEM’s in most commercial matters and therefore our partners minimize their own travels from all around the world to the OEM’s in Sweden. The total carbon footprint is therefore considerably reduced by our engagement.