Evaluating suppliers and setting actions

Who could have imagined that sustainability would be one of the cornerstones in our daily work?

Already a few years ago, Carco identified sustainability as a future cornerstone of importance. This turned out to be even more important today, than we first realized.

Now, Carco has a dedicated sustainability champion who takes the lead in all sustainability discussions and strategies. Sustainability is something we all have to work with together to be successful. It is clear that each technical area, company and country have their specific opportunities and challenges. 

Toolbox to assess sustainability status

During the years, we have gathered a broad knowledge in sustainability development. We are using the competence to optimize our suppliers to be in the forefront of the sustainable society. 

In our self developed sustainability system, we use OEM requirements and adding new angles to enable brainstorming and proactive unique solutions. By looking at also non-automotive industries we try to catch upcoming trends and technologies that can be applicable for our partners. We have packaged our knowledge and experience into something that we call a “toolbox”, or Carco Sustainable Development Solution.

The solution provides a platform for cross-functional meeting, where we map the current situation, identify alignments and improvement areas, find unique selling points and discuss short term and long term strategies.

By inviting all key persons to the same meeting, great progress can be done. Most important  factors for success is transparency and inclusion both with our partners and with the OEMs.