Small-scale Carco influencing giants

Our contribution to redefining the automotive ecosystem

Carco has been intensely focused on sustainability for the last few years. We are a learning organization, dedicated to being up to speed with new research and development within, but also outside the automotive. We are working closely with OEM’s to understand their current and future sustainability demands and KPI’s.

Guiding partners

Focus on sustainability is one cornerstone of Carco’s long-term business plan. We are undeniably a small-scale actor, but in our role as strategic advisor to major international suppliers, we are able to influence their sustainability strategies and performance significantly. We look into their research for and implementation of sustainable materials, production and logistics etc.

Through our partners, Carco has a substantial number of components – both interior and exterior – in each Volvo car that is currently produced. As we guide our partners towards more sustainable solutions, we actually make a huge impact thanks to the leverage we have on the pure magnitude of the business.

Inspire OEM

All our partners are constantly working to improve their sustainability performance and we try to inspire OEM’s in regard to new findings and trends within our partner organizations. Carco’s contribution to the partnering between OEM’s and sub-suppliers results in a win-win-win, for the OEMs, our partners and the environment.