A small actor guiding major automotive stakeholders

As a partner to several big automotive companies we can make an impact both in big and small contexts. We are of course committed to do what we can internally in Carco to contribute towards a sustainable globe, for example by recycling and choosing sustainable products, driving electrical cars and raising money for charity.

However, the major impact we make is by influencing and guiding our partners strategically in research for and implementation of sustainable materials, production and logistics. We are a learning organization, dedicated to being up to speed with new research and development and we are working closely with OEM’s to understand their current and future sustainability demands and KPI’s and therefore we have the possibility to guide our partners in an efficient and successful way. We can also inspire OEM’s in new findings and trends within our partner organizations. The Carco contribution to the partnering between OEM’s and sub-suppliers in the sustainability missions results in a win-win-win, for the OEMs, our partners and the environment.