A small actor guiding major automotive suppliers in sustainability

Focus on sustainability within the automotive industry has increased significantly over the last few years and many OEMs are putting more and more pressure on themselves and sub-suppliers towards establishing a sustainable automotive ecosystem. Swedish automotive industry is one of the leading markets in terms of actively committing to sustainability actions and targets. However, we need to have close and creative partnerships with dedicated sub-suppliers to meet and exceed the ambitious targets. We have asked our Sustainability Champion Linda Lindgren and CEO Per Sjöberg to share their view on sustainability and how Carco can contribute to positive progress.

Being a non-producing automotive company, how come Carco is focusing so intensely on sustainability?

“The short answer is, because it is the future in automotive and all manufacturing industries. We see this as a unique possibility to both help our partners finding unique selling points and actually make an impact on the automotive industry that matters for all of us – the environment and wider society”, says Linda Lindgren.

“Focus on sustainability is one of the cornerstones in Carco’s long-term company goals. We are undeniably a small actor in automotive. However, in our role as strategic advisors to multinational component manufacturers towards the Swedish automotive industry, we are able to influence their sustainability strategies and performance significantly”, says Per Sjöberg. “Especially on the Chinese market, where several of our partners are located, sustainability is more important than ever. The demand for sustainable products and manufacturing sites are rapidly increasing, which means that our guidance and knowledge will make a major imprint to a better environment.”

How can Carco make a difference in practice?

“Through our partners, Carco has a substantial number of components in each Volvo car that is currently produced – both interior and exterior. As we can guide our partners towards sustainable solutions, we actually make a huge impact due to the leverage we have on the pure magnitude of the business size. Only today I have got questions from OEMs about recycled materials, energy sources in our partners production sites and what we can do to minimize the CO2 footprint within production and logistics”, Linda says. “Earlier this kind of questions were more or less only ambitions, but now our partners need to be able to present facts and figures and actually show results.”

     Per Sjöberg, Carco's CEO

Linda continues, “Sustainability has earlier been quite a vague concept in many aspects, which made it difficult to have a clear path of actions. Now the concept is more defined for all parties and our visions need to be transformed into clear strategies and deliveries. We also need to define how we can contribute and take responsibility to continuously educate ourselves and share our insights.”      

What message would you like to give to other companies in their sustainability journey?

Even if we are a small company with limited sustainability footprint, it is important for us to be a role model in terms of setting high standards not only for CO2 impact, but also the complete caring of the wider society. We are not only following laws and regulations, instead we aim to set our own ambitious targets when it comes to choosing services and products as well as how we act as a company.