Carco at the Ocean Summit

On June 18th the Ocean Summit, which is a part of the Volvo Ocean Race sustainability program, was held in Gothenburg and Carco was given the opportunity to participate. The summit provides a platform for stakeholders within industry, science, government and the world of sports to raise awareness of the increasing global crisis of ocean plastic pollution.

The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is one of the ambassadors of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Advocacy Group which main purpose is to promote UN:s goals for sustainable development. By her presence in the Race Village she showed her special interest for sustainability-, oceans- and fishing issues.

Among the speakers we were able to listen to many knowledgeable and dedicated speakers.

Jan Eliasson (Ambassador and Chair of SIPRI) pointed out that the two most important words are "together" and "responsibility". The industry should take environmental positive decisions and showcase innovative solutions. "Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something". Today sustainability is good business.

Håkan Samuelsson (President of Volvo Cars) announced that from 2025, at least 25% of the plastics used in every newly launched Volvo car, will be made from recycled material. “By creating awareness and inspire people we can help to turn the tide on plastic.” In the Race Village Volvo presented a specially built version of an XC60 where 170 parts were replaced with parts containing recycled materials.

"We should stop working in silos, but in a flow to reach a corporate society" was the message from Martin Lundstedt (President of Volvo Group). For example, the customer and the supplier should consider if logistics can be shared to reach a circularity. Both parties should have interest and have value back in the economy.

Carco's reflections and take-aways from this important and inspiring day, are that there is a lot of low hanging fruit to start with, just to create an awareness tool. Of course, we should consider waste management, packaging etc. but also just look around us and make decisions we can be proud of both today and tomorrow. Let us be inspired by the younger generation which, in many cases, are much more aware and involved in environmental topics. We should dare to be bold and challenge each other, not wait for legislation or for the customers to raise requirements. Shortly, sustainability will be a key factor for both product development and procurement. 

Carco's Linda Lindgren, proud to be participating at the Ocean Summit