Strength of joint goals – focusing on the SDG’s

The future is demanding sustainable solutions. This is fully in sync with Carco’s values and therefore an engaging challenge we enjoy taking on.

Sustainability comprises many aspects and as employer our biggest responsibility is the one towards our employees – to provide a healthy and sustainable workplace we can be proud of. A workplace where people can grow and succeed on fair and equal terms, but also have energy and time to spend with family and friends. We encourage and support our employees’ interests and engagements outside the office. This is something we will never compromise. 

We think that the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) provides a good foundation for setting sustainability goals. Our belief is that all stakeholders and influencers – companies, organizations, individuals, politicians, employers, parents – need to focus on joint targets in order to achieve a big global effect.

We are dedicated to make our contribution in fulfilling these global goals and have aligned our own sustainability strategy towards the SDG’s, specifying relevant targets for our business. 

Carco SDG Matrix

Carco’s SDG matrix visualizes our sustainability targets and where we can make real impact towards the UN goals. 

You can find more information on the UN SDGs and milestones here (English) and here (Swedish).


It is an unavoidable part of our work to travel to our partners and OEM’s when needed. However, as the on-site link in Sweden between OEM’s and sub-suppliers, our traveling means a substantially decreased need for travels for all our partners. The total carbon footprint is therefore considerably reduced by our engagement.

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us how to interact digitally in a better way. When the market opens up for travelling again, we know we will be even better positioned to only travel when necessary. But the crisis has also made it very clear that there are physical meetings that are irreplaceable. In all relations it is important to build trust and at the end of the day, trust is one of Carco’s cornerstones.