Advanced sales, sustainability & project mgmt support

Carco offers customers a broad range of fully integrated sales and project support services. Our approach combines insight and know-how from the automotive industry with broad experience in sales and marketing to help our partner companies to excel.

We offer tailored support

We work with automotive suppliers around the world to realize, maintain and grow the business towards the OEMs.We offer tailored support within advanced sales, sustainability management, project management and logistics.  We work closely with our customer's during the full sales process and offer in-depth support within relevant areas.

Throughout the years, Carco has successfully guided several automotive suppliers in finding new export business areas. By having a great contact network at the OEMs we make sure our partners get interesting requests for new business opportunities. 

Strategic support from early design phase to end of production

From the early phases of the design work we help to present and communicate the important input from the supplier to the OEM and vice versa. The target is to have a flawless communication to ensure the right things are made in the correct way in expected time frames. We aim to exceed customer expectations.

During project acquisition phase we will help present and guide our partners in making correct decisions to ensure a good and long-term business relation with the customer.

We will never leave our partner on their own. From the first design presentation to the after-market business, we will support in contacts to styling, purchasing, engineering, sustainability, quality, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

The success of Carco lays in the great knowledge of what, when and how the OEM wants information and how our partners can deliver this. 

Win-win-win philosophy - a foundation for long-lasting partnerships 

Our aim is to have long-term relationships with partners and OEM's where all parties involved are satisfied. Our win-win-win philosophy provides for long-lasting relationships and good cooperation. We guide towards strategical decisions that benefits all parties.